Sherberton Beef and Lamb

Do you want to eat yummy beef and/or lamb from a local Dartmoor farmer who can tell you how the animal was reared and the species and the breed of cattle used?
If so why not try our meat which has received many compliments from our customers.

We are Dartmoor farmers who have farmed this traditional hill farm since 1843. It is one of the ancient tenements on Dartmoor.

We produce beef from our Galloway cattle which are reared extensively on grass with minimal feed supplements (hay, silage or cereals) in winter as necessary. Lamb comes from our flocks of Cheviot or Scotch Blackface sheep reared in the same extensive fashion as the cattle. Indeed many of the Scotch Blackface sheep have never been handled until they are sent for slaughter in the autumn.

We are lucky to have a good independant abbatoir, Langs, twenty minutes away in Ashburton to which the fattened animals are delivered. The beef is hung for 16 -20 days, lamb for 5-7 days, then dressed and bagged. We collect the fresh beef/lamb ready for distribution.

Beef is packaged as individual cuts, in bags and sizes that are family and freezer friendly. There is a flat rate price per Kg (£7.80 as at Nov 2012) and the customer takes meat from both ends of the beast (see below for example order. Fresh beef is generally available monthly with frozen available for collection from the farm by appointment.

Lamb is sold by the half, jointed and ready to freeze as required by yourself. The price for lamb depends on the carcass size. This is a more seasonal offering so please ring if interested.

See below for typical order breakdown

Don't think you have to take a huge amount of beef - Orders available from as little as £25


Carbon Footprint -
Our animals live mostly on unimproved , natural grassland.

"Just felt the need to tell you how deliciously wonderful was the joint of beef from Sherberton that I served my guests last weekend!"


A typical beef order would be spread as follows;
38% joints (packaged in 1 to 3Kg packs)
12% steak (packaged in ½Kg packs)
25% stewing beef (packaged in 1Kg packs)
25% mince (packaged in 1Kg packs).
All pack sizes approximate

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