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Sherberton Dartmoor Ponies

(all pictures © Alison Geen)
(exc. Sh Amontillado © Miss K Palmer)
(No reproduction without prior permission)

Sherberton Sherry III
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Pony Blog
6th July 2015 - our mares continue to graze the Swincombe Valley and I continue to not put them in foal due to the poor market for ponies. However I do have 2 yearling colts which are the result of 2 of our mares going to Shilstone Rocks Warlord in the Duchy Newtake scheme. They are coming along nicely and I hope to be able to use one of them as I can't carry on not breeding from the mares. Otherwise there is no pojint in having ponies on Sherberton and I hope things won't come to that. Whatever people say you can keep pedigree mares on top of Dartmoor and breed nice ponies as a result.

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General Information about Sherberton Dartmoor Ponies

Sherberton Farm is one of the original studs of Dartmoor Ponies in the world. Heatherbelle 6th,one of our foundation mares, was originally from the Duchy Stud at Princetown and was by Dwarka. Dwarka was an Arabian stallion used by the Prince of Wales, before the closure of the stud book, to improve the Dartmoor breed. We also have the Hele Romeo bloodline in our mares which is hard to find now. You can check out many horse and pony pedigrees free by going to Pedigree Online All Breed Database. For assured checks on Dartmoor Ponies you should refer to the Dartmoor Pony Society.

We keep our Dartmoor mares out all year round in a newtake (an large enclosed area of rough grazing) and they are rarely handled. However their offspring prove to be very biddable when broken either to ride or go in harness. Current pictures of ponies for sale are on Ponies for sale page.

The Swincombe Valley, where the mares generally live, is open access land but if you want to check where the mares are or see any of our youngstock please call before visiting (details below).

Our mares are all pedigree Dartmoors and we also have Heritage and Hill ponies as a result of illicit liasons sometimes. They are suitable for various purposes such as brood mares to add different blood lines to your herd, children's riding ponies, driving ponies and conservation grazers. Pedigree Dartmoor ponies are, as a rare native breed, eligible for Native Breeds at Risk supplement in Natural England's Higher Level Scheme which can amount to £70 per hectare.

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Picture Gallery



Sherberton Stormy Belle and Sh. Fairy Belle

Sherberton Stormy Belle and her 2010 filly, Sherberton Fairy Belle


Sherberton Dartmoor ponies

Sherberton Dartmoor youngstock on newtake with A-Bray, an old riding pony, looking after them!

Sh Amontillado

Sherberton Amontillado being broken to harness
(owned by Mr & Mrs Palmer, Paignton)

Sherberton foal

One of our foals enjoying the snow - Jan 2010

sherberton mares in the snow 2010

Sherberton mares in snow - January 2010

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We generally have some ponies for sale and they can be viewed on the Ponies For Sale page.
2007 - Sherberton Little Wren with foal
Dartmoor mare with Swincombe farm in background

Dartmoor Ponies are classified as a rare breed and more information can be found on the Rare Breeds Survival Trust website.

If you are interested in our Dartmoors please ring Alison Geen or Anton Coaker on 01364 631276 or email Alison

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