Cassini and Cosmos

Sherberton Dartmoor Ponies For Sale
page updated 6th July 2015



There are 3 Heritage fillies for sale - pictures to follow

There are 3 Hill pony colts for sale - pictures to follow.

We are not currently running a stallion as there are too many ponies on the market and we have no wish to add to the number of unwanted foals. Currently therefore we do not have any pedigree youngstock for sale. We are still running our herd of pedigree mares in the Swincombe Valley with a gelding. Last year we put 2 mares with a pedigree stallion and have 2 pedigree foals by Shilstone Rocks Warlord now on the floor. One is a colt out of Sherberton Distant Belle and the other I have yet to see close up!


If you would like to see any of these ponies please contact Alison or Anton before coming out. Our contact details are on our Contact page

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